150 Years of Zoroastrian Studies: Conference for 150th Anniversary of ZTFE

Saturday 22nd – Sunday 23rd October 2011, 10.00am – 5.30pm
Zartoshty Brothers Hall, Zoroastrian Centre for Europe
440 Alexandra Avenue, Harrow, London HA2 9TL
(Diagonally opposite Rayners Lane London Underground station)

About the Conference

This conference celebrates the 150th anniversary of the Zoroastrian Trust Funds of Europe, established 1861. It is the oldest religious voluntary organisation in Britain of South Asian origin. The objective of the conference is to elaborate 150 years of research and academic activity in Zoroastrian studies. The invited speakers are from an academic background in Zoroastrian studies, but the conference is aimed primarily at a non-academic audience and will be of particular interest to those who are interested in the Zoroastrian religion, history, heritage and culture.

One of the objectives of the ZTFE is to advance the study and dissemination of information and knowledge of the Zoroastrian faith, which led our Founder President Seth Muncherji Hormusji Cama to sponsor the first English translation of the Avesta in 1864 by Arthur Henry Bleeck, from Professor Spiegel’s German translation.

To fulfil this objective in this sesquicentennial year, the ZTFE is organising a conference; ‘150 years of Zoroastrian Studies’ with an inaugural lecture by Dasturji Dr Firoze M Kotwal at the Khalili Lecture Theatre at SOAS on Thursday 20th October 2011 at 7pm, followed by a weekend conference at the Zartoshty Brothers Hall, Zoroastrian Centre, Harrow, on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd October 2011, 10.00am to 5.30pm.

Speakers and Topics

Professor Jamsheed K Choksy – Indiana University; USA
The Zoroastrians of colonial Ceylon and independent Sri Lanka

Dr Vesta Sarkhosh Curtis – British Museum; UK
The Magic of Ancient Persia: Nineteenth century travellers and discoveries

Professor Frantz Grenet – Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes; Sorbonne, France. Zoroastrian funerary art in Sogdiana and China

Professor John R Hinnells – Honorary Research Professor, SOAS; UK
Zoroastrian Trust Funds of Europe: A history of 150 years

Professor Almut Hintze – School of Oriental and African Studies; UK
On the concept of creation in Zoroastrianism

Khojeste P Mistree – Zoroastrian Studies; India
Select English and European scholars and their study of Zoroastrianism: A narrative and a journey

Dr Jenny Rose – Claremont Graduate University; USA
Agents of change: Dynamic encounters between Parsis and New Englanders in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries

Dr Sarah Stewart – School of Oriental and African Studies; UK
Negotiating Transition: From dakhmeh to cemetery

Professor Alan Williams – University of Manchester; UK
Diaspora then and now in the mirror of the Qesse – ye – Sanjān

Dr Rashna Writer – School of Oriental and African Studies; UK
The role of education: Keeping the Zoroastrian heritage alive

Admission Fees: £40.00; £30.00 conc. (OAPs & ZTFE members / SOAS / LMEI Affiliates / Friends of the British Museum) £10.00 students (fees to include lunch and refreshments)

Enquires & Bookings: ZTFE Secretariat – Tel. No 020 8866 0765 / Email: secretary@ztfe.com. Please return completed form with cheque payable to Z.T.F.E. (Inc.) with a SAE by Friday 14th October 2011 to Zoroastrian Centre, 440, Alexandra Avenue, Harrow HA2 9TL. For your convenience ZTFE has facility to accept payments / by credit and debit cards for this event.

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